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Regal 8005 Cream

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Regal 8005 Cream

One of the most beautiful carpets and rugs in the industry are Persian rugs. These have elegant designs and a soft appearance. These are available for a variety of domestic and symbolic purposes. Persian Rugs have become an essential part of home decoration. Regal 8005 Cream is designed with light cream shades with flowery designs and a combination of other colors giving one.


Following are some features of Regal 8005 Cream

  • Made from polypropylene and cotton
  • Available in 2 different sizes according to the living space
  • Pets and kids friendly
  • Very easy to clean spots and specks of dirt
  • Designed with brilliant cream colours with the dark reddish combination which brightens the space
  • Pile length of 13 mm
  • Machine knitted
  • Weight of 2800 grams / sq. meter
  • Ideal for Small Living spaces like Bedrooms and Drawing rooms